Why Choose the double A one? | 弊社の強み

We are a professional of Mobile Radio/Core Network and with long experience of Japanese mobile Market.

The double A one is one of Japan's premier professional firms. We have many experiences in the mobile fields and strong relationship with every Japan's TelCos, MNOs, many foreign venders and integrators. double A one has been established by Mr. Matsuoka in 1987 in California, US as a trading company and have been evolved for consulting professional firm, based on his over twenty years experiences of engineer, project manager and domestic/global sales that led business successfully in mobile network building, function implementing, testing and evaluating for mobile network in Japan and some foreign countries, especially for Radio, RAN and EPC and Gi(IP network). We are proud of conducting many projects so far, which are business development, marketing, introducing for MNOs. We strongly believe that we can help your business development in Japan and other countries.

社 名​ 合同会社 double A one (ダブルエイワン)

設 立 1987年

代表者 松岡伸介

資本金 200万円

所在地 121-0076 東京都足立区平野1-8-9

メール doubleaone@gmail.com
電 話 090-1559-3727

取引銀行 三井住友銀行

ABOUT US | 企業概要

Company Name;​ double A one LLC.

Established; 1987

President; Nobusuke Matsuoka

Founded; 2M JPY

Address; 1-8-9, Hirano, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
E-mail; doubleaone@gmail.com

Phone; +81-90-1559-3727

Founder and President

​Nobusuke Matsuoka


President and Founder, Mr. Matsuoka was founded the double A one LLC (2A1) at 1987 in California, US when he was student. He evolved 2A1 business as trading company.
He graduated mathematics course of a university. On 1990s, He joined giant mobile equipment company in the world and carried out lots of design, develop of radio equipment such as W-CDMA handset as Senior Engineer. He was in charge of startup engineering team in R&D center in the US and in the UK as senior engineering manager. 
On 2000's, He joined a startup company as an engineer to develop unique measuring device and testing simulator which works on the cellular networks, and later, contributed in business development and sales engineering to expand business. He has returned to the 2A1 since 2014 up to now, he is developing market, business and product sales in the mobile field. He has experienced to live in UK and US to carry out the project.

What are we providing with Consulting service?

Test and Assess quality for mobile network of...  
 - Radio environment
 - RAN
 - Core Network
 - International carrier's Voice, Data and Signaling.

Testing and Assessment

Now, Many TelCo are offended by illegal or inappropriate calls on the unlimited calling plan by grey operations and/or fraudsters. We analyze and detect those illegal/inappropriate calls for revenue assurance.

Calling Record analysis service for TelCo

Professional firm provide researching for telephone and network fields. We have many experience of researching as project of governments, research institutions, universities and private sectors.

Research MNOs/TelCos fields
Business development of Solution/Product for MNOs/TelCos 

With long experiences and deep insights in Telco/MNO, we are doing business development and marketing your great products and services for Japan's MNOs and TelCos.

Be in Touch | お問い合わせ

We want to hear from you!

Tel: +81-90-1559-3727 | doubleaone (atmark) gmail.com

1-8-9, Hirano, Adachi-ku, Tokyo,121-0076, Japan | 121-0076 東京都足立区平野1-8-9

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We provide the best solution and proposal based on our deep knowledge of Japan's cultural background and mobile market situation. We are valued that we have Japanese business point of view as well as foreign vendor's point of view.

Providing Our Premier Service

We think that great relationship with premier persons is the most important thing to achieve to the success. We have been working with many premier persons from Japan's TelCos, MNOs and service operators.

We have had a lot of security projects with customers or vendors that handle strictly confidential information. Those experiences of security projects to lead success will be trustful and one of the biggest essence from any customer point of view.

Every consulting firm will provide consulting services. But we are providing carrier grade consulting services with professional spirits and knowledge

Deep Insight
Strong Relationship

Make the New

with Technology


What do we have experience?

























​ 国際ローミング試験システムの導入


​ WiFi通信品質の調査;無線区間〜認証・コアネットワークまでの品質調査





​ クラウド型通信基盤の提案・事業計画提案(プロジェクト支援)